Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I know I've been dragging my feet on blogging lately, but have been super busy these days. Helping family members and just living has been getting in the way, so not much time for art:( Anyways, today is a special day for my hubby and me. We celebrate 18 years of marriage, so this one's for you, honey!

If anyone has seen the movie "UP", that is so much like the two of us! I made this cute pin not long ago for him as my sweet hubby's favorite soda as a child was GRAPE. If you saw the movie, you'll understand. My favorite part is where Ellie said, "You don't talk much but I LIKE YOU! (And they show a close up her smiling and her front tooth is missing...) Happy 18th CHUCK - LOVE YOU!!! (Actually my hubby's name is FRED but I tease him and call him CHUCK from time to time now...)

Have a good week everyone:)
BTW....the stamp I used is from Oxford Impressions - "The Bird's Nest" plate. Can you tell I like her stamps?! lol....