Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I don't have any new artwork to post right now and my life has been, well...let's say like a circus around here. Just when one THINKS things will slow down, something else happens! Last Tuesday there was a family emergency and I found myself on the freeway taking a family member to the hospital in the mist of a major rain/wind storm. We could hardly see the road ahead of us, talk about scary! Anyways, by the time I had headed back home I was turned away as there were road blocks EVERYWHERE into the town where I live. Power was out for a good part of the area and from what I know, trees and power lines scattered all over the roads. I headed out to Burlington as I knew at least there was a McDonald's I could hang out at for awhile and keep warm. Since the temps had dropped to 30 degrees, I wasn't about to sit in my car and freeze too. I called my hubby and he said he managed to get home and that everything was fine - we had power and no major damage. I tried for THREE hours to get home. EVERY route I took was blocked by police and security guards. I thought it was a WAR ZONE. They were telling us such things as "find another place to stay for the nite" and "it might be a couple of hours, we aren't sure". It was unbelieveable....I never saw anything like it. Finally, after taking a round about way (coached by my hubby), I was able to make it to the local high school just blocks from our home. There too I was stopped by a guarding police car! I approached him and asked how long it would be for residents to get home. He told me he didn't know. He said the school was open so I could wait in there. I went back to my car and called my hubby again. He was going to come and get me, parking down the street from where the policeman was parked. A few minutes later, the policeman pulled away and those of us parked in that school lot were able to leave and go home! I read in the newspapers yesterday that the American Red Cross set up a shelter at the local high school but NOBODY showed up. Well.....DAAAHHH! I must have spoken to at least four police officers and NOBODY ever directed me on how to get thru to the school for shelter. So much for communication.....

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all I can say is I'm glad that we all survived and HOPEFULLY something was learned over all of this! Stay warm and don't eat too much turkey my fellow! Hope you have a better week than I have:0

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Missing In Action....

I know, I'm a terrible blogger. Believe me, I'm guilty and know it, but have been so busy (still). I did manage to create a cute Christmas memory book last week and thought I'd post a couple pages for everyone to take a peek. (Actually I stayed up until 12:30 pm last Thursday to finish it but I didn't even realize it was so late as I was having so much fun putting it

These papers from Santas Workshop - LilyBee Design and were perfect for this project. With papers like this, it's soooo easy to create a great memory (and a perfect gift for a loved one, btw). If you want to create a memory of your own, all these supplies are available at Hannahs' Home Accents in Antioch, IL. Just stop by or call Jill or Dana and they'll set you up with what you need to create one of your own.

Have a great week everyone!