Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oops! Forgot the photos....

Sorry, I forgot to POST the photos of the two pieces that were published in the Aug. 2011 issue of 'Crafts n' Things'! (These close-up shots were taken before I submitted them, using 'Oxford Impressions' Halloween Party stamp collection.) Enjoy the rest of the day everyone;)

New artwork, fun project...

I'm an awful blogger, but family matters have kept me running. Life is like that though, but we just keep plugging away, don't we? Make the most of every moment, I always say. Time keeps ticking away and we learn to deal with all the bumps and bruises on our journey. Now I'm getting too personal here and didn't want to ramble on about my life, rather would like to talk about ART for those of you who came to take a peek at my blog;) (BTW, thanks for your visit!)

On a lighter note, yesterday I received the Oct. 2011 issue of Crafts n' Things in our mailbox. I had a couple of pieces published on pg. 76 using Oxford Impressions -Halloween Party stamp collection. This has to be one of my most favorite sets for Halloween as I love vintage items. It was a fast and fun project, something that would be great for a kids party. The magazine should be on the shelves soon (if it's not already), so pick up a copy and check out some of the great items featured.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. Our temps here in Wisconsin are supposed to drop next week. Really looking forward to that as it's been too hot to do much outside these days!