Thursday, September 1, 2011

New toys to play with!

Here I go again, apologizing for being a lousy blogger! Oh well, what can I say? The summer has been flying by and not much time for doing art:( However, I did receive the two newest stamp sheets from Suzanne over at Oxford Impressions and made some fun projects with them. Thought I'd post a couple of photos for all to see.
These sets are amazing - 'Vintage Circus' & 'Big Top Circus'. I could think of dozens of ways to use these, not just for circus themed artwork!

Have a great weekend everyone and hope you get a chance to make something fun:)


  1. Love all these wonderful creations!!! Great stamps!

  2. Debbie
    Suzanne will have a big smile on her face when she sees these. Wonderful use of the stamps.
    I mentioned to you that circus is not something I particularly like but I am soooo tempted by these stamps.
    Thanks for sharing.