Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Things!

Recently my mom informed me that we will be invited to a baby shower soon.  This is no surprise to me as my mom comes from a family of sixteen children and I have 63 cousins (last time I counted).  So there is always a wedding or shower to attend. 

I guess I'm a bit behind in the times but I don't Twitter or Tweet or do Facebook but I do look at Pinterest and I am addicted!  Recently I found several small projects that I HAD to try.  Actually, I'm not really a sewer so this was a bit of a stretch for me. (Paper crafting is more up my alley....) 

My project started out with a simple bib pattern that I found posted by Amy Friend on her site -  (www.duringquiettime.blogspot.com).  Some monkey fabric caught my attention at JoAnn Fabrics and I raced home with a yard to start (believe me I've been to JoAnn's a NUMBER of times since then, purchasing MORE of the same as it turned out so cute!)  The gal at the cutting counter had to ask what I was making as I kept buying SMALL amounts of this cute fabric.  Little did I know I was HOOKED on this little sewing frensy I was on...LOL!

Amy's bib had a pocket but I decided to omit that.  Like I mentioned, I'm not much of a sewer and I wanted EASY!  After accomplishing the bib, I decided I needed a burp cloth pattern.  Found one on this site... www.cloud9fabrics.com (tutorial - 'My Happy Nursery' by Michelle Engel Bencsko).  From there I decided I needed a pacifier pocket so I found a pattern on this site - www.weallsew.com by Ashley Johnston.  A side trip to our local Wal-Mart included a set of pacifiers to go with it all:)

(Sorry for the lousy photos.  One picture was taken with my camera, the other with my i-phone.  The fabric looks like a different color on the pacifier pocket, but it's the same. )

What started out as a whim turned into EIGHT sets!  I guess I'll be ready for all the babies showing up in the family now.  Thank you Amy, Michelle and Ashley for the great patterns that even someone who's not a sewer can deal with.  Like they say, 'One thing leads to another...and another....and another!"  Now I need to create a card to go with it all.  Now if only I could give up sleeping.....Have a good rest of the week everyone and thanks for stopping by:) 

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  1. Too cute!
    Debbie you are a hustler, telling us that you are not much of a sewer, oh my goodness, your sewing skills must be through the roof as far as I am concerned, I would have no idea where to begin on such projects.
    They are all very special and imagine the delight when they know you actually made them.
    63 cousins WOW! I have 3, 1st cousins and 3, 2nd cousins.