Monday, September 23, 2013

Cover Girl!

Can't believe my artwork was recently chosen for the cover of the Autumn 2013 issue of 'The Stampers' Sampler'! What a thrill, I tell you. It was kind of funny how it all happened....I had submitted this card MONTHS ago and then one day got an e-mail from Stampington to vote for cover art. When I first saw the two selected, I said to myself....'Hmmm...this kind of LOOKS like something I did, but then again someone else could have made something very similar.' That's when I decided to dig thru my scans of photos I always take before I send anything out. There it was. MY artwork. I was so excited and for WEEKS patiently awaited the verdict. Needless to say when it finally was posted, I was just thrilled. Last time I had artwork on the cover of their magazine was years ago and I shared it with two other artists. This time it's all mine:) I LOVE the PRIMA - Julie Nutting's doll stamps and was so happy to hear she came out with a second set of stamps. Now...if she only starts to make some male dolls to go with them;) Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by. BIG HUGS, Debbie Here's the link if you'd like to take a peek...


  1. Debbie
    I colud not be happier for you! Also, I know just what this means for you.
    Not got my copy yet, mind you my mind has been full of my AOL issues which they refuse to resolve. Exhausting and frustrating and makes me sad how nasty Customer Service can be.
    Have a great week Cover Girl.

  2. You are the Cover Girl!!!! I knew you would be!
    Congrats my friend!

  3. Congratulations Debbie!!! How exciting!!